Great Lake Pain Management Center is the place to go for comprehensive pain medicine and minimally invasive spine care. We are board certified to treat all kinds of conditions that suffer from acute or chronic pain.
Our treatments consist of medications, procedures, and techniques combined together to give the best results that maximize long-term pain relief and allow patients to restore their ability of carrying out daily functions.
Untreated chronic pain can consume a person’s life. Often times people end up changing plans and modifying daily activities to accommodate that pain. If the condition remains unchecked, the person’s quality of life will keep going downhill.
When your trust is placed in the right hands, pain medicine has a lot to offer. We specialize in all the following treatments:
  1. Minimally invasive spine care
  2. Fluoro guided joint injections and nerve blocks
  3. Minimally invasive lumber decompression
  4. Complicated medication management
  5. Auto injuries and worker comp
  6. Integrative care options
Our goal is to help you get your life back. Therefore, our treatment programs are specifically designed for each patient. Our compassionate team promises to give you the best chance at a pain free life, if you’re willing to put in the effort.

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